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A brick wall brick patio roof of brick shingles or row of pavers is a handsome sight that adds grace and elegance to any home. Mosses are tiny soft plants that grow together in mats or clumps.

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However a leak or damp spot on the bricks can lead to unsightly moss buildup that can damage the bricks and reduce their lifespans.

Removing moss from patio. Moss a velvety green plant organism grows on exterior concrete surfaces that are not exposed to sunlight and remain in a persistently moist state. If you have greenish black stuff on your concrete patio it s probably mold mildew or moss damp or moist conditions from rain or humidity can encourage mold and mildew to grow in those nooks and cracks of concrete pavers or bricks. While moss is not harmful to concrete its presence on concrete patios and walkways can make them more slippery causing a safety hazard.

So if you have moss growing between your patio bricks one way to eliminate the moss is to correct the conditions that encourage moss to grow. Because moss reproduces when its spores are blown in the wind it can end up on any. Moss will not grow in sunny locations so trimming overhanging tree or shrub limbs that shade the pavers will keep the moss away.

However moss can be successfully removed by power washing in the winter if necessary. It is also an excellent solution for killing mildew and removing stubborn stains. The perfect growing conditions for moss are dampness and shade.

To kill stubborn moss on concrete and prevent regrowth make a bleach solution with one part household bleach and four parts water. Home remedy to kill moss on pavement quickly. Power wash the moss from the brick patio.

Move cars and patio furniture prune nearby trees and shrubs and let the sunshine in to directly shine on the mold. Spring until fall while the moss is actively growing will yield more favorable results. The easiest least expensive and most natural way to get rid of moss is to expose it to sunlight.

One of the most effective ways to remove moss from concrete is with bleach. Shed some light on the area. Removing moss from concrete with a bleach solution.

Use a power washer filled with plain water and with a pressure that is 3 000 or less pounds per square inch psi. Here are 8 tips to get rid of moss remove moss tip 1. Because they love shade consider pruning overhanging trees and shrubs to let some sunlight into the area.

Remove the moss and slow its recurrence.

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